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Sail Boat with Sails Down on the Suwanne
Whit Ibis Standing in High Grass in the
Seahorse Key Light Station with Sun Refl

Suwannee River Tour

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Price: $60 Per Person (includes tax)

This is a four hour excursion from the Cedar Key Marina to the Suwannee River and back. You will experience parts of the Cedar Keys that we don't cover on our regular Island Tours, as well as an up-close look at the Suwannee River and it's tributaries.

Coastal Marsh Birding Tour

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Price: $50 Per Person (includes tax)

With our Coastal Marsh Birding Tour you will be able to see multiple species of shore birds that many people may never have the opportunity to see. This is a three hour tour and a great time for the bird enthusiast.

Cedar Key Light Station Open House

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Price: $20 Per Person (includes tax)


The Cedar Key Light Station was built on Seahorse Key in 1854 and decommissioned in 1915. Then, in 1936 Seahorse Key was designated as part of the Cedar Key Wildlife Refuges. The Light Station was abandoned until 1952 when the University of Florida began leasing it to use as part of their Marine Biology program. The students, to this day, still use the Light Station itself as a bunk house and have labs on the property. The light itself remained dormant until July 5, 2019 when a new lens was commissioned and it was re-lit for the first time in 104 years. It is still not in regular use but is lit for special occasions.





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