Adventure Awaits

Come with us on an Island Tour or Sunset Tour for an experience you won't soon forget!

Island Tour

11 AM & 2 PM Monday - Saturday (Weather Permitting)
$35 Per Person (Inc. Tax)

The Island Tour travels to the outer islands of the Cedar Keys National Wildlife Refuge. This scenic route often encounters dolphins and various birds, depending on the season of the year. Occasionally we will come across manatees, sea turtles, and even spotted eagle rays. This trip is an excellent choice for those who wish to experience a balanced overview of Cedar Key history and the natural aspects of our rich and diverse ecosystem. The route and activities vary according to the season of the year and the weather conditions. This is a 1½ to 2 hour Pet Friendly tour that departs 2 times a day, weather and conditions permitting.

Sunset Tour

Times will vary (Weather Permitting) - please call for details
$35 Per Person (Inc. Tax)

Our Sunset Tours are the same as the Island Tours with the added bonus of ending by watching the beautiful Florida sunset over the water.

Times vary with the season.
Sunset Tours have a 4-person minimum.

Suwannee River Tour

See Upcoming Events for Dates & Times

$60 Per Person (Inc. Tax)

The Suwannee River Tour travels north along the shallow coastline for approximately 13 miles before entering the world-famous Suwannee River. At this point, the ecosystem changes rapidly from a primarily saltwater/estuarine environment to a primarily freshwater river/swamp ecosystem. The route then extends approximately 6 miles up the river, including excursions into some smaller tributaries of the river. Plant and animal sightings vary according to the season. The shallow, near-shore route to the Suwannee River is tide dependent and not always available. This tour takes approximately 3-to-4 hours.

Coastal Marsh Birding Tours

See Upcoming Events for Dates & Times

$50 Per Person (Inc. Tax)

The Coastal Marsh Tour winds through miles of remote, undeveloped, unspoiled coastal marsh, the backwaters of Cedar Key. This stretch of shallow coastline is virtually inaccessible by vehicle and seldom traveled by boat. If you like the feeling of traveling into areas where others seldom go, you’ll love this one. From Fall through Spring, this trip focuses heavily on our abundant population of migratory shorebirds. The Coastal Marsh Tour is also tide dependent and therefore not always available. This tour lasts 2 to 3-hours.

Island Drop-off

Daily (scheduled around tour times)
$20 Per Person (Inc. Tax)


We do Island Drop-offs around the Island Tour times. We will drop you off on Atsena Otie Key, the island across from our dock. On Atsena Otie, you can enjoy it's beautiful beach or explore the interior of the island and visit it's cemetery, established in 1877. You can stay on the Island for 2 to 5 hours.


Handicap Accessible

At Tidewater Tours, we strive to make everyone's tour enjoyable, no matter their level of ability.

We have a boat that is wheelchair accessible with a 32 inch door. We will also have a crew member on board to describe things to the vision impaired and will provide written transcripts for the hearing impaired.

If there is anything else we can do to accommodate your needs, please let us know and we will make any reasonable accommodations.






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